Natural Dye Carpenter Pants in Plum Brown


Carpenter pants in recycled cotton, naturally dyed in Amami-Oshima Island, Japan.

  • Zip up front opening
  • Tucked front, full length wide leg silhouette
  • Corozo button

Using Up-cycled cotton by The New Denim Project® from Guatemala, natural dyed in Amami-Oshima Island, Japan using local mud and plums. Based in Guatemala, The New Denim Project® collects pre- and post- consumer textile waste and grinds these back into fiber to spin once again into new yarns to weave fresh up-cycled fabrics. Mud dye is a traditional natural dye method that has over 1300 years of history on Amami-Oshima island. The artisan, Kanai-Kougei passes on Amami-Mud Dye to future generations to share the wisdom of nature and the beauty of nature’s palette.

Pink - Dyed with Rhaphiolepis indica
Mud Brown - Dyed with Rhaphiolepis indica and Amami-Oshima Mud
Teal Green - Dyed with Indigo and Garcinia subelliptica

Cotton 100%


Model wears size 2, model length+1"  
Model height: 5'8"

Size 00:Waist 27", Hip 36 1/2", Rise 10 1/2", Inleg 28 3/4"
Size 0:Waist 28", Hip 37 1/2", Rise 10 3/4", Inleg 29"
Size 2:Waist 29 1/4", Hip 38 3/4 1/2", Rise 11", Inleg 29 1/2"
Size 4:Waist 30 1/2", Hip 40", Rise 11 1/4", Inleg 29 3/4"
Size 6:Waist 31 3/4", Hip 41 1/4", Rise 11 1/2", Inleg 30 1/4"
Size 8:Waist 33", Hip 42 1/2", Rise 11 3/4", Inleg 30 1/4"
Size 10:Waist 34", Hip 43 1/2", Rise 12", Inleg 30 1/4"

*The New Denim Project is our latest textile line within Iris Textiles - a third generation mill, operating in Guatemala since 1956. Thanks to the effort of various generations, we have continued to evolve until today in the manufacture of sustainable cotton yarn and fabrics. Our main approach has been the conscious echo of life’s naturalcycles. Innovation inspired by nature — based not on what we can extract from nature, but on what we can learn from her. Leaping forward to a new era of materials. Materials that are made to live out their useful cycle and then fade back, and be reabsorbed by another kind of organism through the cycle of transformation and renewal.

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